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Explorers Director April 2016

So Much To Do!

Children in Explores have a busy, busy afternoons. Our Explorers only teachers plan some wonderful investigations for their children. Water play with the marble run, exploring art materials in different ways, planning a design to refurbish the doll house. These are just a sampling of the work of our Explorers.

Room 12 Explorers: The Doll House Design Rehab Project - Children as Designers

Sarita saw the need to freshen up the doll house in room 12. She planned the basics of the project as a foundation for children's work. Sarita reflects, "Children were excited by the process of choosing the colors and design. The interest waned a bit when the house was being painted and some of the space is still white." She feels the house is used by those who painted it and others because they recognize that children were the designers and painters.

The line drawing of the house continues to be a draw for designing and creating imaginary houses.

Children started by painting the old doll house white in order to have a clean base for their visions.

To begin the investigation for the design process the afternoon Explorers group went for a walk in the neighborhood to observe house color schemes and designs. Children carried clip boards so they could record their observations.

Our neighborhood is a wonderful place for this work. Many different color schemes and house designs are present!

Sarita drew out a line drawing of the doll house and presented it to children as a template for their design work. They studied the house then colored in their chosen colors and designs.

These were displayed for a time so that children could look at all the ideas and to think about what other changes they would like to make. The group then voted on the new color scheme.

Purple, Yellow and Blue were chosen and assigned to the various parts of the house. Purple for the roof and basic lines of the house. Blue and yellow for the floors. Yellow for the walls, railings and doors.

This was a long process. It was important that all the children had time to think about their choices and be able to have a vote.

Painters tape was used to section off the parts of the house so that the painters would stay to the chosen design.

The house was painted over several days. Beautiful!!!

The house now resides once again in the classroom where children use it daily for their rich imaginative play.

Stories are told and played out about the adventures and misadventures of their imagined characters. Families and superheros live and work and play together solving the problems of the their worlds.

Posted on April 6, 2016.
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