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Explorers Director March 2016

Musings on having "It".

This morning on an early childhood site I follow there was an article about centers that have the "it" factor. Centers who do things very well for children and families as evidenced by the center's longevity and a healthy waiting list. This is something we think about every day. Are we serving our families well? Do our current practices reflect new research around early childhood development and education? Are we doing everything we can to assure excellence?

We look at our program critically with the express purpose of positive change. This year, as in every year, the changes we've made are for the direct benefit of our children. Every year brings new ideas and change and we want to hear from all stakeholders!

As the director of Explorers I go to the Explorers staff to ask if they see concerns around scheduling, paperwork (there's a lot of that), or if there is support they need in the classroom. Karen, our Explorers Teacher Coordinator, knows every piece of our program intimately and has wonderful insights into the ebb and flow of the daily work. These wonderful staff see changes that can be implemented immediately that make a difference in daily work such as the way we have families sign out children or how teachers sign in and out of multiple rooms. Some of the bigger things take more time to change and are always on our radar. These would include making fewer transitions during the course of the day for Explorers and keeping our teaching teams consistent within the longer days. There are always ideas on the table and solutions being explored for going forward.

Families of Explorers, you are stakeholders too. If you have any input that would move us forward to positive change please let me know. Your ideas are welcomed!

Of course, I believe we do have the "it" that makes for an excellent center. I think our commitment to a vision and for making changes to reach towards being the best we can be for children and families is what keeps us in the "it" zone.

Thanks, Laurie

Posted on March 4, 2016.
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