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Education Director March 2016

Happy March! This is such a wonderful time of the year in school. Classes have been together for half a year and are really working on all those things that build a foundation for their educational career. This might be the more complex interactions of a large social group, collaboration in play and projects, and in depth "research" as a class of curious learners. Its such a pleasure and source of joy to me to see classes sharing cocoa and stories around a "fire", building a recycled forest, and exploring a range of things like emotions, manners, birds, buildings and outer space.

This is also the time of the year when teachers start thinking about Family Nights and conferences. Both of these are methods of showing parents and family what their child and their class has spent the year working on. For Family Nights, each class sets up their own experience for the class and families to "show off" their year and their work. In the past this has included plays and skits, joke shows, talent shows, concerts, open houses, laboratories and observatories, and even family game night! These nights run throughout the month of May.

Conferences are scheduled for April 28 and 29 this year. Teachers will post sign-up sheets or invite parents in for these meetings. This is a chance to hear from teachers the things they notice and observe in the classroom, talk about the things your child is working on and maintain a conversation of how we support them, together as a team, through their years of school here. Many parents have questions about their child this year, their transition to the next year, or a variety of other things - feel free to reach out to me or to your teachers if you would like to schedule an earlier conference. While we want as much time as possible to gather observations and write up conference forms, some questions or concerns have a quicker timeline and we always want to be there to support parents when it is needed.

This year the Monday after Spring Break, March 28 will be an all staff professional development day. This is our last section of the Mind in the Making series. No camps or classes will be available, so please make sure to plan accordingly. This has been a wonderful training series for us all.

Summer Camp information will be released immediately after Spring Break, too, so keep your eyes out for that. If you have any questions before then that would help you coordinate your schedule, always feel free to email me and ask.

Lastly, don't forget to change your clocks on March 13! It will be unfortunate to lose an hour of light for my morning bike ride, but the sunlight lasting longer into the afternoon is a fine trade off! Enjoy your weekend!

Garrett Riggs

Posted on March 4, 2016.
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Childswork is a safe place for children to explore, take chances, make messes and learn through play. At Childswork we nurture wonder, we embrace joy, and we foster discovery.

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