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Education Director January 2016

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break and stayed safe during our little bout of winter weather.

September may be many months off, but the time has come to think about next school year. There have been some changes to our class offerings for the upcoming year, most notably the new full day (9:00-3:00), five day a week class for 3.7-5 year old children. The class offerings and tuition schedule are available in the office.

At the end of the month you will receive a choice form to fill out with your preferences for next year's class. I know there are many factors that go into a family's decision on placement for next year. Though we don't have a crystal ball, either, I love to help families with that decision as much as possible. If you would like to set up a time to have a conversation about possibilities and particulars, please email me anytime. You can also catch me around drop off and pick-up time for quick questions and conversations, too.

For those families that are interested in learning more about our Kindergarten program, we are offering a Kindergarten specific tour on January 27 at 9:30. This will be a chance for you to hear a little bit about our Kindergarten, ask any questions you may have, and most importantly get a chance to peek into the classroom in action. There will also be an evening Spotlight on Kindergarten held February 2 from 5:30-6:30. This will be an opportunity for more in depth information and a chance to meet the teachers and explore the classroom.

Now that January is upon us and children have grown more and more comfortable with the school, I want to remind everyone about a couple of things. We ask that only adults open doors, including all exterior and interior doors. I know as children grow stronger and taller it feels satisfying to them to have the strength to open the larger doors but we discourage this so that children are always with an adult and always accounted for. We ask that our older students follow this rule, too, as role models for our younger children. Our school is big and I love the ownership children have of it, but our school is also bustling and I want to make sure children are always safe and with their adults or teachers.

As we say goodbye to one of the world's creative minds, it helps to think we're nurturing the next generation's.

Posted on January 12, 2016.
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Childswork Learning Center is a non-profit early childhood education school located in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Since 1984, our school has served a diverse population of children and families, focusing on the development of the whole child with respect and compassion.

Childswork is a safe place for children to explore, take chances, make messes and learn through play. At Childswork we nurture wonder, we embrace joy, and we foster discovery.

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